Telecom 360 strengthens its European arm with German acquisition

Telecom 360, the Netherlands-based audio conferencing operator, has significantly increased its European operation by acquiring from a major German telecommunications company.

"We are delighted to have successfully acquired and are looking forward to adapting the brand and its technology to offer our German customers an audio conferencing service that is second-to-none." Marcel Vijn, Managing Director

This latest expansion looks set to strengthen the company’s hand in the European market as a study from Wainhouse Research, an independent market research firm, has revealed Germany is responsible for almost one-fifth (17.6%) of Europe’s total audio conferencing revenues.

Although both companies agreed not to disclose the sale price, the acquisition highlights how Telecom 360 is looking to grow its market share across Europe by providing its services through one or more local brands in each country – a strategy that has paid dividends in the United Kingdom, France and The Netherlands where it has successfully disrupted the existing markets.

About Telecom 360

Telecom 360 offers audio conferencing services directly to end users with local brands in 21 countries worldwide. Unlike many other providers, there is no need to set up a contract or pay any monthly fees – a call can be set up quickly and easily using a mobile or landline device and users are simply charged a small fee per minute through their regular phone bill.