Telecom 360 is now a UK licensed telecom provider

Telecom 360 is now a licensed UK telecom provider – meaning its high quality, low-cost international conference calling service is now even better than ever.

The Netherlands-based company, best known for local conference calling brands such as in the UK, and in Germany, has finalised its interconnect with BT to become a licensed provider of telecommunications in the UK.

What is the benefit of BT interconnect?

BT interconnect is essential for any company looking to provide its customers with powerful, reliable and global connectivity, as calls are routed through all public switched voice networks across the globe.

Interconnect provides access for termination of geographic, mobile and non-geographic call services, and also provides connectivity for delivery of calls which originate on our network.

In short, all calls placed via will now be routed through the BT network, meaning customers can take advantage of an even more reliable and cost-effective service.

"As a licensed telecom provider, we can increase our revenue share by cutting out the middleman and connecting all 0844 numbers directly to the BT network – great news for both our business and our customers." Marcel Vijn, Managing Director

The deal with BT comes on the back of a similar interconnection in Switzerland, where Telecom 360 is now a licensed Swisscom telecommunications provider, and the company is establishing an interconnection in another major European country – so watch this space.

About Telecom 360

Telecom 360 offers audio conferencing services directly to end users with local brands in 21 countries worldwide. Unlike many other providers, there is no need to set up a contract or pay any monthly fees – a call can be set up quickly and easily using a mobile or landline device and users are simply charged a small fee per minute through their regular phone bill.

Since it began connecting the globe in August 2013, Telecom 360 has successfully disrupted the market, gained some 60,000 users, and is expecting a turnover of 1 million Euros in 2016.