Mission Statement

Founded in 2010, Telecom 360 B.V. offers international audio conferencing services in 70+ countries with their own local access numbers. In many of these countries a local website is available, a local touch with a global reach.

In these days, people can chose between many providers and services. Once they visit websites of conferencing providers, they become confused about all services and functionalities providers offer.

Our mission is to help people by offering one single service, so it is cristal clear what we offer and how this fulfill their needs. And yes, almost every website visitor becomes a customer. By listening to our customers, we are able to increase the customer experience without losing ourselves into featurisme.

At the end of the day we will be the portal on the internet for first-time users using audio conferencing services. We will explain what it is and how to use. People will find us easily, and by using our excellent conferencing platform they will stay customer for a long time.

People know they have to visit one of our websites when they plan their first conference call!